The Snake Was Pale Gold

Hi. I like music, sex, and drugs. Just want to give you an insight of what it's like in my fucked up withering mind.

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Now that’s how you take a #bongrip 😍😍😍 by ganja.girls

lightmybluntttt asked: your blog is fucking perfect haha you'll be getting so much activity from me ;D

Thank you for your kind words. I figured it had to be liked by someone out there. I await your activity ^.^

the baddest motherfuckers at the playground


Try to get my weed now.

You can keep your shake

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List of Manga series I’ve started and completed this summer (in order)

Full Metal Alchemist

Yu Yu Hakusho

Tenjou Tenge

Dragon Ball

What’s next?


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Time Stacks by Matt Molloy

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Bath Time Spanking